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Bristol and Bates was able to help us hire several leaders who made a great impact on our organization. It is refreshing working with a firm that understands our culture and values.

Seedbox Technologies
Charles Rousseaux, Co-founder, Vice President

The cornerstone of our business is the ability to attract and retain talent required to execute business strategy. We not only have the ability to understand business needs, but the experience required to secure the talent required. Our recruitment team has provided recruiting services to growing organizations and partners internationally. We work in many verticals which all share a universal need – qualified candidates from specific backgrounds with specific skills to further business objectives.

Our searches are conducted by our associates and backed by consultants who bring knowledgeable experience and deep industry connections. The benefit of working with Bristol & Bates is that your search is being conducted by individuals with operational experience and access to their extensive networks.

We are diverse in our search abilities; we’ve conducted searches for executive level candidates on behalf of investors, brought on entire sales teams for expanding companies, successfully recruited software engineers and placed numerous candidates in business critical roles. Our recruitment philosophy focuses on direct recruitment strategies and in some cases, targeted recruitment and headhunting from direct competitors and market competition. Most importantly, we believe in recruiting as business partners for long-term business success.

Some of our recruitment expertise

Corporate Staff

Why companies trust us

We have an international client list and have supported growth of numerous organizations from established organizations and start-ups. Some of the reasons why companies trust us to recruit for them:

  • 16 years of diverse recruiting experience
  • Direct sourcing and recruitment focused
  • No cost until you hire our referred candidate
  • Confidence backed by a Placement Guarantee
  • Contingent, Project-Based, Contract options available

Our Candidate Pool

  • Network
  • Direct Recruitment
  • Applicants

(90% of our hires came from direct recruting and our network)

Clients, what makes our approach different

You are working with search consultants who have deep industry connections allowing you access to passive candidates, many of which are developed over a course of a career as many of our consultants and network are former executives themselves.

If needed our highly trained team of internal headhunters are trained to do one thing, headhunt. We go after the talent we need and will do the same for you. As a fully functional division, we have the means and time to dedicate towards conducting a high level, mission critical search.

Your investment is important to us. We back our contingent searches with a placement guarantee. If for any reason a candidate does not work out within the first 90 days, we will replace the candidate free of charge,

Looking for a new opportunity or passively exploring your options?